What We Do

We design, deliver and maintain green infrastructure projects.



We bring together ecological design and engineering experience; creating a collaborative incentive for cities to become eco-friendly Living Green Cities.

Living Green City believes in building alliances – a synergistic approach that will result in a more productive outcome for all.

Our project design and management team will work with you to create installations that meet the most rigorous requirements for sustainability and quality.

The photograph on the left is Europe’s largest living wall – designed and installed by our partner company Biotecture.

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Living Wall Designs


  • Air purification. Oxygenated air. Pollution, CO2 & VOC’s absorbed.
  • Ambient sound reduced. Acts as sound insulating material.
  • Heat gain reduction. Reduced energy costs for buildings.
  • Ecological balance in dense urban environments.

The Process

  • Choose plants specific for location and purpose.
  • Creative planting design; shapes and textures.
  • Irrigation, drainage and structural support considered.
  • Plants are grown off-site and delivered for installation.

Planting Design

  • Plants chosen for their resilience to the local environment.
  • Colour and textures arranged into shapes and patterns.
  • Pre-grown planted panels create instant living walls.
  • Maintenance keeps the wall looking great.


We focus on providing in-house and contracted delivery and installation expertise; depending on each project’s unique requirements.

Living Green City takes management responsibility, making sure every project is completed to the highest level of quality and sustainability.

From conceptual visualisation to project completion; we manage the design, installation, maintenance, financing and publicity of any project, large or small.


Maintenance is what keeps our projects looking as amazing as they do. Each of our living walls are cared for and maintained by our in-house expert maintenance team at Green City Services Ltd.

Living Walls need the right knowledge and the right care, replacing plants is a simple and easy procedure; meaning we can make sure each wall looks as good as it can be.

Automatic irrigation and sensor technology allow us to monitor the health and wellbeing of each of the Living Walls we install.